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Green Keep

3510 High Hill Circle Carpentersville IL 60110 US

Green KEEP Inc.

Where the grass is always greener

What Type of Application Can You Expect ?

Green Keep uses fertilizers developed specifically to address lawn conditions during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Along with fertilizers, we use liquid weed control tailored to remove more than forty of the most common weeds found in lawns for the region.

Monthly Applications

Applications are generally made once a month during the months that are most vital for lawn care. Some lawns will require a more personalized program.

A full speca‚Äčtrum program would look like this:

1. Early Spring - Quick release fertilizer with pre-emergent Crabgrass control.

2. Late Spring - Quick release fertilizer and blanket weed control

3. Early Summer - Slow release fertilizer and blanket weed control

4. Late Summer- Slow release fertilizer and spot spray weeds

5. Fall / Winterizer - Quick release fertilizer and spot spray weeds if necessary.

6. Optional - Grub Prevention.

We will design a program to meet your specific lawn care needs