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Green Keep

3510 High Hill Circle Carpentersville IL 60110 US

Green KEEP Inc.

Where the grass is always greener

Frequently Asked Questions‚Äč

Q. Why are we cheaper than our competition ?

A. We are owner operated and do not have a separate sales department. Our lawns sell themselves.

Q. Is granular fertilizer better than liquid for my lawn ?

A. Yes, granular fertilizer breaks down at the root system where nutrient uptake begins. The slow release of granular fertilizer is a benefit during the hot summer months.

Q. What about the granules on the driveway and sidewalks ?

A. We blow them off into the lawn where they belong.

Q. Is your program safe ?

A. Yes, just follow the detailed instructions left with each applications.

Q. Is your service guaranteed ?

A. Yes, if you are unhappy with any part of our service, we will work with you on your concerns. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.