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Green Keep

3510 High Hill Circle Carpentersville IL 60110 US

Green KEEP Inc.

Where the grass is always greener

How To Improve Your Lawn

  • Mow Frequently

Mowing two times a week during the growing seasons will improve appearance and reduce the stress caused from cutting into the cuticle of the grass plants when the lawn is left too long.

  • Raise Mowing Height 

Raising the height of the mower to 3.5 inches during the summer months, to provide shade to the soil for better water retention.

  • Water Heavily

Your lawn will require close to an inch of water a week during the dry / hot summer months to maintain health and appearance. Water prior to the lawn becoming stressed.

  • Leave Grass Clippings

Recycled clippings return nutrients still in the grass blades back to the soil. This will improve the health and color of the lawn.